Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto is an animated puppet short film about Samek, an 8-year old Jewish boy living in the Warsaw Ghetto with his family during the 2nd World War.

The film is written by Richard Raskin, produced by Ellen Riis (Basmati Film) and created at WiredFly.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dark Synthesizer dreams (Scene4Shot3)

Below this little description is a puny video. In it you will see our new animator Rie Nymand animate her second shot with our always fateful boy Samek. Rie became a member of our little team July the 11th. We are very happy to have her with us.

In the video you will also discover a music discussion, some preparations, the animation video and two shots animated by Rie.

The water ran under the bridge, and the obese lady sang at dawn. Yet here we are in the midst of a lazy afternoon - searching for a chaotic membrane. Our minds drift to the far regions of space.

When the starship USS Enterprise under command of Capt. James T. kirk stop by at Cestus III, a federation outpost to have a relaxing stay, they find it utter obliterated. Jumping to vast conclusions Kirk immediately assume that this has been an act of invasion. The “invading” ship which turns out to be a Gorn vessel makes haste to reach their neck of the galaxy. The enterprise sets in pursuit to exterminate the enemy before they reach safe havens. But all of a sudden the superior race of the Metrons interfere with the chase, and Kirk along with the reptilian Gorn captain are sent to a planet to face each other in deadly combat. As the Metrons put it: “Ingenuity against Ingenuity. Brute force against brute force”. The Gorn captain has superior strength and Kirk face the challenge of a life time. Fatigued and broken he manage to win and save the Gorn captains life. Kirk demands to know why they invaded federation space, but the Gorn replies that the federation invaded their space by building an outpost in it! And I guess that is how life sometimes fornicate you anally.

End of lesson.

When all this has been said (for no particular reason), we would once again like to welcome our new animator, Rie to the crew! May the truths of one hundred million sparkles guide you to bliss!


  1. Absolutely brilliant work. I always look forward to your updates. I hope it is all going well

  2. Thank you Ben. You are very kind.
    All is going very well indeed. The animation will sone be done. That will be a great and at the same time a very sad day. ;)