Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto is an animated puppet short film about Samek, an 8-year old Jewish boy living in the Warsaw Ghetto with his family during the 2nd World War.

The film is written by Richard Raskin, produced by Ellen Riis (Basmati Film) and created at WiredFly.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Grace of Eyes

The meticulous work of recording the eyes was done in late 2011.
On the pictures below some of the handsome actors are at hard work. Trying to go where the puppet went, trying to look where the puppet is looking and trying to feel what the puppet is feeling.
Henrik Vierø did magic work with the light. Creating that graceful and important sparkle in the eyes… 
Also the smoke and fog was recorded, with the help from Andreas Berg. At the near bottom is I, your humble director, trying to create it.
And last, the man himself…

Jonas Bjarnøe Jensen, took these pictures, was production assistant on the eye recordings and played the other soldier.

Vibe Lilmoës, Playing the boy. With her child like and beautiful eyes.
Jonas Bregnhøj Nielsen. The Nazi with a gun, smoking a cigarette.
Sanne Løwe, getting ready to lovingly kiss the boy.
and smiling at him
Rie Nymand aplying the make-up on Ene Øster Bendtsen. Who is the beautiful mother eyes.
Yous truly, nearly puking over a cigarette.

And here he is, Jakob Eriksen from Jafilm. The magician and saviour. Who made it happen. Worked intensely November 2011 and gave the puppets there eyes. So well crafted, that they could call them their own.
Jakob Eriksen Smiling satisfied.

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