Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto is an animated puppet short film about Samek, an 8-year old Jewish boy living in the Warsaw Ghetto with his family during the 2nd World War.

The film is written by Richard Raskin, produced by Ellen Riis (Basmati Film) and created at WiredFly.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

New crew members.

We are proud to welcome Hanna Habermann to the team. She will start in one week - helping us out building the puppets and we will feast on her knowledge like parasitic leeches.

(A picture from our first meeting with Hanna Habermann. Next to her, Katrine is sitting with a shark, that she has fallen in love with).
(On this film noir-ish photo taken by Emil, Tore is standing next to the building Johan has build. Tore will be helping us out finishing the buildings and perhaps making props. Welcome to the team!).
(A girl who is not new on the team - but she is finally cought on film: Christina Martiny Moltke. She is doing the Behind-the-scenes on "Four Minutes"... Here she is sitting sorting the vast amounts of clips she's recorded).

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