Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto is an animated puppet short film about Samek, an 8-year old Jewish boy living in the Warsaw Ghetto with his family during the 2nd World War.

The film is written by Richard Raskin, produced by Ellen Riis (Basmati Film) and created at WiredFly.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Props pt. 1

Hereby a little update:
Things are progressing with the pace of horny lion! We are building props, sets 'n making maquettes. It almost makes one ILL to think of all the little things that needs love and care to be buildt - and then it's just some tiny background thing, ALAS - so be it!

(This is the empty and broken food trolley, that will be in the backyard. It's made by Sarah).

(An unfinished lightpole that will be on the sidewalks on the other side of the wall - notice the birdshit that's painted on it! Another prop by Sarah).

(Emil's wooden bucket for the backyard. It is carved in the famous balsa tree - which Katrine and Johan worked their royal arses off to find... BUT NOW IT IS OURS!!!).

(Emil's sheds. The one on the left is an outdoor toilet, and the one on the right is a firewood shed. (and in front of them the bucket!) The sheds are painted black for now - but when the backyard is finished we'll paint it a color that fits).

(Another great - yet unsharp photo by Emil of some maquettes IN THE WORKS! The woman on the left is Johans maquette of Yetta, the mother. The huge bastard with genitalia is one of the german soldiers made by Katrine. The last two is maquettes of Samek - also made by Johan).

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